Big Data

Few Hadoop Facts

Where there is Big Data, there is Hadoop and vice versa. With Big Data analytics becoming as big as they have, Hadoop has become a mainstay in the technology industry. Hereare a few facts that you should keep in mind when working with hadoop. 1. Import/Export Data to and from HDFS You can import data to and from the Hadoop Distributed File System from a number of sources. Further, you can then process the imported data using a wide variety of languages including Pig, Hive, MapReduce and others. You can also export data for databases like MySQL, MongoDB and SQL Server. Overall, it gives you better control over the data. 2. Data Compression in HDFS Data in Hadoop can be compressed using various algorithms like LZO, bzip2, gzip and others. Data in Hadoop is stored in HDFS and supports both compression and decompression. 3. Transformation in Hadoop Although it is obvious, the hadoop environment is quite useful for working with big volumes of data (Big Data). The platform provides many opportunities for transforming and extracting the data and processing it.   for more Call :- 73899-05585 ,04585, 14585 0734-2533433 Visit :- Mail:-